Delivering up to 90% total energy savings when compared to conventional construction, Passive House is the global gold standard for energy efficient residential, commercial and institutional buildings. With over 20,000 successful projects in Europe, it is unjustifiable to be building in the 21st century without putting Passive House to work for you.

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Thermal Comfort
Passive House buildings provides for consistent, year round thermal comfort. A balanced blanket of insulation envelopes the building with stable interior temperatures and maintains this stability effortlessly on the part of the occupants.

Fresh Indoor Air Quality
Why would you not want highly filtered air provided to your home or commercial building given the amount of time you spend there? Why would you not want this highly filtered air to be provided at all times?

Passive House building occupants enjoy unrivaled indoor air quality. A Passive House’s ventilation system is in constant operation, providing its occupants with fresh air that has been filtered to laboratory standards.

Energy Efficiency
Designed to maximize heat gains from the building's site and from within the building itself, a Passive House eliminates the need for costly and ineffective large heating and cooling equipment.

With its laser-like focus on high quality building envelopes and advanced building modeling, Passive House returns to an era of a simpler design/build process. A Passive House build is an investment in architecture, not gadgetry mechanical systems. This is an opportunity for the creation of buildings with timeless and lasting value.

Passive House can be readily applied to Commercial Building. Contact Pura Vida High Performance Builders to discuss your Passive Commercial Build.



"Gavin was able to take the basic plans and make design improvements along with practicing innovative construction techniques and use of quality materials… The finished product is truly beautiful."

- Kai Huschke


“Our new home is more than we ever dreamed thanks to your excellent craftsmanship and creativity. Your honesty and integrity have earned our respect and gratitude.”

- Wayne and Jackie Green


"This was a very difficult project with the nearby floodplain but your creative ideas overcame the challenge and helped bring our dream to reality."

- Rick and Carole Freehan


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