As an Inland Northwest green builder our philosophy is deeply rooted in the values of craftsmanship and sustainability. We are passionate about building beautifully, and exceeding the highest standards for energy efficiency.

Each project is uniquely framed by our clients and their site. We are inspired by each to thoughtfully deliver a green build that will massively decrease energy consumption and stand the test of time.


Pura Vida High Performance Builders offers the Inland Northwest a mindful alternative to “business as usual” building. When Gavin’s building career first started, he quickly realized that traditional building too often resulted in wasteful, impersonal, over-time and over-budget projects that seemingly ignored the client’s needs as well as the energy efficiency he knew was required for the 21st century.

Upon founding Pura Vida in 2008, Gavin sought out projects designed with energy efficiency as a priority and Pura Vida quickly earned a reputation for its client-centered process.

Gavin began studying to become a Certified Passive House Consultant in 2011 after recognizing the sound building science coming out the Passive House standard developed in Germany, and later became a PHIUS Certified Builder. To this day, Gavin is one of a handful of individuals in North America with both distinctions.

Pura Vida High Performance Builders maintains a strong working relationship with the region’s best Architects and specialized Trade Partners. Pura Vida’s team of high-craft carpenters, with their century’s worth of experience, routinely execute the details necessary for both a beautiful and High Performance build.

Pura Vida builds with high-craft, regardless of the scope or style of the project.

Pura Vida builds for energy efficiency to help our clientele move forward with resourcefulness into an increasingly challenging century.

Pura Vida High Performance Builders’ projects begin with a working relationship with our clients.


As lifelong residents of the Spokane area, Pura Vida owners Gavin and Anne Tenold are deeply committed to the business practice of supporting local craftspeople, trade partners, suppliers and organizations to keep our dollars and resources within our community. As such, the rest of the Pura Vida High Performance Builders team is made up of some of the region’s most trusted construction specialists.

In addition, Pura Vida provides annual sponsorship to the following organizations because we believe in the organization’s mission and the work they do to provide programs that develop our local community and protect our local quality of life.

- The Lands Council and their Project S.U.S.T.A.I.N
- Spokane Public Radio
- Rebuilding Together Spokane  



CPHC | PHIUS Certified Builder
Owner & General Contractor
Gavin is equal parts craftsman, project manager and family man. His professional background includes artisan work in residential and commercial carpentry, as well as extensive experience in project management of the design-build process.

As a both a Certified Passive House Consultant, and Passive House Institute Certified Builder, Gavin is uniquely qualified. He implements Passive House principles in each of Pura Vida’s projects, delivering builds that use up to 90% less energy than their comparable “built to code” counterparts.


Anne works to partner Pura Vida with regional non-profits to create a growing community of like-minded individuals who care about helping families live in safe, healthy, and energy efficient homes.

Both Gavin and Anne were born and raised in Spokane, Washington where they learned to value the natural splendor of the Inland Northwest.


1312 N Monroe Suite 131 | Spokane, WA | 99201


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